Old About Us


Mustafa Amin Fabric has been in the textile business since 2006. We believe in offering value to our customers to build a strong relationship of trust. Our top priority is strong commitment and to surpass customer expectations in terms of product quality, delivery time and competitive pricing.

We continue to strive on product development with extensive research and development to achieve the best outcome in terms of innovative products to keep customers engaged and interested.

We are a team of professional and passionate individuals who adore their work and specialize at what they do and believe in customer satisfaction which can only be achieved by providing the best quality product and services. For our team, the reputation matters the most. As a result, we are always vigilant at each stage of operation to avoid getting customer satisfaction at stake. We have a team of skillful industry specialists with vast experience and background at each stage of operations.


We have one of the best infrastructure in the industry with the team to provide the most reliable textile sourcing & solutions. We work in multiple directions to cater to any customer inquiry related to textiles.

We primarily work as a textile manufacturer and exporter of textiles products.

In addition to this, we also work as a buying agency / sourcing company for  value added textiles for the products where we do not have inhouse expertise which are sourced from the most reliable and reputable vendors with vertical manufacturing units.

Besides this, we have vast e-commerce experience in the local and international marketplaces where we sell our branded products . We also source goods for brands who are selling goods on ecommerce platforms.

Moreover, we also offer DDP spot deliveries of institutional textiles including home, hospitality and healthcare products in the United States to the importers, laundries and stores.

We even provide consultancy to our buyers in terms of which country is best suitable depending on the product requirement because there are many textile products for which countries such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt and China are way cheaper and offer superior quality so we don’t drag customer inquiries to be sourced only from Pakistan. Instead we try to use our resources globally to source the cheapest price while maintaining the quality from anywhere in the globe. This enables us to be called as a one stop hub to source the best quality textiles at the most competitive pricing.